Series versus Standalone

Series versus Standalone

When it comes to series versus standalone, I can’t even be impartial. I am writing from my own personal point of view and on that note, I just want to point out that I’ll always choose a good series over a standalone novel (It’s a give in as a fantasy reader). If you aren’t in agreement, you can leave a comment below. If you do agree with me, I’d also love to read your comment and understand everyone’s point of view.


A series is like an extension of a life, it gives you an avenue to get to know each character intimately. Read more


Reading some long forgotten texts in another time and another life, I unintentionally took a walk down memory lane. It was like I was standing in front of a mirror looking at my reflection, only the person that stared back, even if she had the same face as me, was not me. she was who I used to be.

And I loved who she was. But I also love who I am.

With all that I have gone through in life, I realize that I have the right to be who I am now. And not many would understand it, even more, would not accept it. but that has never been my burden to bear. The only thing I have to know is, while I had the right to be who I am now, I also owe it to myself to be a better version of myself. Tomorrow.

To Cross a Blade and Dagger

Crime is her calling and Night is her time

A 2018 Breakthrough Novel Awards Finalist!

To Cross a Blade and Dagger by Chio Zoe

Being a slave without a name or identity, it was easy to accept the looming embrace of an unremarkable death. But after a gang lord pulls her from nothing and gives her a name, Nyx finally has purpose.

As an eighteen-year-old hunter, death hound, and criminal prodigy, Nyx thrives in the infamous Bottoms. Now she must find a way to survive when the fragile peace she has built for herself is threatened as she finds herself on a journey to rescue a magic wielder.

After getting cut in a dark plot she must fight for the ultimate prize. Read more

How to Avoid Writer’s Block (3)

Before we dive into the final steps in avoiding writer’s block, be sure to check out how to avoid writer’s block 1 and how to avoid writer’s block 2. This should help eliminate any confusion you might have in this final part. I hope this guide is the right one for you as this helped me tremendously. I took my time coming up with this procedure in order to finish my book without any distractions. I was able to accomplish this through reading and studying similar books in my genre and through trial and error so this might be different from articles you’ve found on this topic.

Flesh it out

Give supporting characters stories: This step is different from giving back stories as mentioned in how to avoid writer’s block 2. Here is where we get to understand what roles the supporting characters play in the story. Is there a betrayal or a death? Does a supporting character help the protagonist throughout the course of the book? Are there hints of romance that could confuse or derail the progress of any other character? This is the chance for you to figure all that. What do these characters hope to achieve from the whole story? Do they have any personal ambitions or are they just there to help? Read more

How to Avoid Writer’s Block (2)

Choose world setting

If you read the first part of how to avoid writer’s block, then this stage would add a more concrete guideline. Avoiding writer’s block can be easy.

Where is the story: Is it set in a real-world location, a made up location mirroring the real world, a fantasy realm, out of space, a mixture of some or all. You have to decide what kind of environment your story works best in. This is not an avoidable step so it’s pretty much obvious to most.

When is the story: You have to decide what era your story is set in, past, present or future. You can alter the facts to what was done in each era, but the best fictional stories are the ones based on some elements of reality. I wouldn’t advise anyone who decides to right on medieval tie setting to include the use of a gun, you might create a disconnect with your audience. Yes, they know it’s fiction, but you don’t want to distract them with those kinds of technicalities. Read more

How to Avoid Writer’s Block (1)

How to Avoid Writer’s Block (1)

Note: This is my first post on the dos and don’ts and the ins and outs of writing. These are steps that personally helped me avoid writer’s block. I was able to write my first draft in three weeks and I still had to go in to work throughout this process. I hope this helps you too!

Choose your genre

Get acquainted with your genre: This may seem easy at first, but for a lot of writers, finding the right genre that could fit the message they are trying to pass or they can understand, or even find the right research material on is difficult. You have your romance, your fantasy, sci-fi, horror, and then each of these genres has its subgenre. Think about the point you are trying to pass across thoroughly and then do your research! Read more

By Dawn’s Light

Had it been a year ago, even a month ago, Bree would have accepted the offer presented to her. Heck, had it been any other day other than this, she would have welcomed the offer with a ready smile and her arms wide open but that was all impossible now, all she had left were a few minutes before she walked down the aisle to face her husband to be, Lord Erin Laichester.
Bree stood with her mouth agape staring at the unlikely intruder, Mr. Adams and worse the offer he had just proposed to her. He had asked her to marry him.
“Why?” she finally managed to choke out.
“Because we belong together.”
“That makes no sense.” Bree retorted.
He passed a hand through his already disheveled black hair. Now she noticed how roughed up he looked. He must have ridden all night to come here. She just couldn’t understand why all of a sudden he had a change of heart. For years she had trailed him doggedly like the smitten school girl she was, and for years he had ignored her like she was just a child. And of course she was; she was only now turned seventeen before her uncle had decided to marry her off to the first respectable gentleman that took an interest in her.
“Tell me the truth,” she added, “why are you here?” Read more

Call It A Night

Jessica was running late for the party. She had finally landed a gig writing an article for one of the most elite parties this side of San Francisco, she couldn’t blow it.
After taking her time to style her curly brunette hair and get her make-up done, she had been happy with what she looked like in the mirror, if only her dress could have arrived sooner. Finally, the doorbell had rung and the short teal dress arrived, she had smiled at it as she put it on. But now as she rushed into the impressive building the party was being hosted, she couldn’t help but wish she had gone with something more classy or at least figure-hugging, not that she had a lot of curves to show off in the first place.
She checked her watch; her employer was going to kill her. She wasn’t paying attention as she pushed in the door and almost collided with her employer, Ms. Briggs. Ms. Briggs tripped, but her fall was prevented by the man standing beside her. Read more

A Short Way Down

It wasn’t unusual for Katherine to be dangling off her balcony from her beddings 4 meters off the ground at the dead of the night, nor was it unusual to have to listen to the white cat perched on the ledge meowing at her in what she could have sworn was a disdainful tone. What wasn’t usual was the man casually leaning by the dull red bricked wall of the building, smirking up at her. Gods she hated him, that slight up tilt of his mouth, the way his eyes sparkled at her embarrassment. She could just punch that look right off his face. Read more